Wednesday, September 5, 2012

cinta dan sms

There are the most tiptop reasons why a man do not reply his girlfriend's message...

First and foremost, "sorry darling, i want to reply, but i have no credit"..

A woman's heart talking: yeke??? hahahahahha (suddenly malay) entah2 berfoya2 dengan orang lain sampai lupa aku niyh.

Secondly, "sorry sweetheart, im busy, u must to understand me okay..."

A woman heart's answer: apa sorry2, sorry naik lorry lar... aku enggak mahu ngerti kamu, kamu tipu!!! aku capek nungguin kamu... from 8am until 5pm aku nunggu taw... (aik, opis hour?? ade jugak orang camni)

Third, "sorry pretty, i forgot"

A woman heart's screaming: whattt???!!!@#$% u forgot? lets finish our love story!! (dasyat2)

Keempat, "sorry cyg, sy nak reply, tapi tak de kredit, pastu sy bz buat kerja sikit pastu terlupa... hehehehe...sorry sgt2... take care"

Unfortunately, the message was received at 2.30am while you are sleeping... Whats come in your mind???


sengih2 like this.

Soooooooooo, predict your own answer....lalalalalalalala~

Moral of the story: make sure you have some credit balance before starting a journey~ (senang nak contact mak ayah)

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