Monday, December 5, 2011


Partogram- summary progress in labour.
Refer Obs Ten Teachers page 200.
Patient identification
Gravida and Para
Admission date
Time admit to labour room
Time ruptured membrane

1.            Fetal heart rate
2.            Liquor – when ARM either clear (C) or mecornium (M)-light, moderate, thick
3.            Progress of labour
a) x-axis for time hourly and y-axis for os dilatation (plot with X)
b) descent of head (plot with 0)
4.            Contraction in 10min
– plot with dot for weak contraction, slash line for moderate, dark for strong
- less than 20second weak, 20-40second moderate,>40s strong
5.            Oxytoxin
6.            Drugs and IV fluid given
7.            Mother
                -pulse, BP, Urine protein, ketone, volume

Most no. of contraction is 1 contraction in 2min cause after contraction baby needs to relax.
Baby just can endure 4min contraction, if more fatal!
Vaginal examination needs to do 4hourly to reduce the risk of infections.
If ketone (glycolysis) present, give glucose to cover lactic acid.

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